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Milk has one of the most successful marketing campaigns in history. Very few people know the actual truth behind this false advertising. I will do my best to share with you the facts that I know about. But, you say, wait a minute — I need my milk for calcium and my good health! You may want to sit down if you think that milk is good for you.

Dairy Council “Facts”

1) Milk is an essential food.

2) And it is the best source of calcium.

3) And lately they are pushing the issue that it will help us…

Natural sunscreen

Summer is almost here. Time to pull out your flip-flops, swimsuit, and sunscreen. Have you looked at your bottle of sunscreen lately to see what is in it? Many of them have ingredients that you may not be that thrilled about.

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We have all used sunscreen at some time. What could bad about sunscreen — isn’t it supposed to protect us from skin cancer? Well, some sunscreens may cause cancer.

Most people assume that the FDA checks all the ingredients in products that go on our skin. But it turns out that sunscreens, and many other personal care products, aren’t…

Without drugs and with weight loss

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Science has confirmed that inflammation is the underlying cause of nearly all chronic and degenerative diseases and the associated pain. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, asthma, allergies, auto-immune disorders, and so many other diseases are caused by underlying inflammation.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce inflammation and, in the process, quickly lose weight and regain optimum health. There are 2 books on the market today that address this issue.

The first book is called The Plan and is written by nutritionist Lyn-Genet ( It is available on Amazon. On this plan, there is a…

Proven tips that actually work

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Diabetes, type 2 is so prevalent now. The fact that people are so willing just to settle into this illness instead of doing something to fix it is sad. Here is some information that my clients have used to help themselves to overcome diabetes.

First off, there are so many underlying causes of diabetes, type 2; parasite, virus, toxic conditions, emotional baggage, poor diet, overworked organs, and a combination of any of the above. Having worked with so many people with diabetes, I have found so many unique differences with each person. …

Even if you don’t have one

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Many people are not aware they have a gallbladder until they experience pain, a doctor tells them that they have gallstones or, worse, that they need to have their gallbladder removed. There are natural options available to help nourish and repair the gallbladder that has worked for many people. Here is some information to get you educated on your gallbladder.

To start the healing process, it is important to dig deep. Several sources point out that every organ in the body has an emotion related to it. In one powerful book, “Feelings Buried Alive, Never Die,” author Karol Kahn Truman…

It is your choice


One of the most challenging things in my job is telling people that they need to let go of illness. This is such a difficult concept for people to grasp and very challenging to explain sometimes. I have seen this so much lately. People come to see me, and their child is sick. They talk about their child’s illness. They give the illness life. They research the illness, and the more energy they put into what they think is “trying to work through,” “to overcome the illness,” or “eliminate the illness,” the more life they give…

Alfalfa, Kelp and Spirulina

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With all the activities in a day, it can be challenging to find time to shop for wholesome foods, healthily prepare them while trying to provide a variety of food to ensure you are getting all the nutrition needed for you and your family. If you are physically active, your body needs even more nutrition to maintain a balanced metabolism. If you exercise only once in a while, you may eat a snack or two that will help you get through the workout, but probably also contains fat and sugars, which won’t necessarily help you, in…

Natural options that really work

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I used to get terrible headaches. They would get so bad I would be physically ill. Sometimes I would go to the hospital to get a shot (I have no idea now what they gave me). I would throw up, pass out for about 3 days, and then wake up and go on with life for about 3–6 months till it started all over again. Along with several other illnesses I had, I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Since that time, I have learned a lot about headaches and how…

Ideas for getting your kids to eat healthier foods

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Getting kids to eat healthily can be challenging. It is hard to compete against their peers and what they are selling in the media and stores. I try to put myself in my son’s shoes. What would he like to eat? What would be fun and tasty? Kids like things they can easily pop in their mouth, hold in their hands, or dip something in. Small and large kids like foods that are easy to prepare, taste yummy, and are fun! With that in mind, here are some ideas for your family:

Finger Size food

Kids love to eat with…

With natural options to increase energy

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Often I am asked, “what can I take for energy?” Before recommending products that might be useful, it is important to uncover what is going on in your life and body that could be causing this exhaustion.

First — what type of fuel are you feeding your body?

It is amazing to see that people often care more about the type of gas they put in their car than the type of food they put in their bodies. If you expect your body to run like a race car, you need feed it like a race car.


It doesn’t take…

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