Without drugs and with weight loss

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Science has confirmed that inflammation is the underlying cause of nearly all chronic and degenerative diseases and the associated pain. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, asthma, allergies, auto-immune disorders, and so many other diseases are caused by underlying inflammation.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce inflammation and, in the process, quickly lose weight and regain optimum health. There are 2 books on the market today that address this issue.

The first book is called The Plan and is written by nutritionist Lyn-Genet (http://lyngenet.com/). It is available on Amazon. On this plan, there is a 21-day menu, all outlined with explanations and wonderful recipes. There are 3 meals required each day plus snacks. …

Proven tips that actually work

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Diabetes, type 2 is so prevalent now. The fact that people are so willing just to settle into this illness instead of doing something to fix it is sad. Here is some information that my clients have used to help themselves to overcome diabetes.

First off, there are so many underlying causes of diabetes, type 2; parasite, virus, toxic conditions, emotional baggage, poor diet, overworked organs, and a combination of any of the above. Having worked with so many people with diabetes, I have found so many unique differences with each person. …

Even if you don’t have one

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Many people are not aware they have a gallbladder until they experience pain, a doctor tells them that they have gallstones or, worse, that they need to have their gallbladder removed. There are natural options available to help nourish and repair the gallbladder that has worked for many people. Here is some information to get you educated on your gallbladder.

To start the healing process, it is important to dig deep. Several sources point out that every organ in the body has an emotion related to it. In one powerful book, “Feelings Buried Alive, Never Die,” author Karol Kahn Truman points out the liver represents anger, the kidney is fear, the stomach is from worry, and the gallbladder is bitterness. Are you bitter about something in your life? …

It is your choice

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One of the most challenging things in my job is telling people that they need to let go of illness. This is such a difficult concept for people to grasp and very challenging to explain sometimes. I have seen this so much lately. People come to see me, and their child is sick. They talk about their child’s illness. They give the illness life. They research the illness, and the more energy they put into what they think is “trying to work through,” “to overcome the illness,” or “eliminate the illness,” the more life they give it. Energetically they try to get me to move with them (if you will) to help talk more about the illness. As they do this, I can feel them pulling on me energetically to get “buy-in” from me, almost as if they are trying to dump this illness’s responsibility on me. …

Alfalfa, Kelp and Spirulina

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With all the activities in a day, it can be challenging to find time to shop for wholesome foods, healthily prepare them while trying to provide a variety of food to ensure you are getting all the nutrition needed for you and your family. If you are physically active, your body needs even more nutrition to maintain a balanced metabolism. If you exercise only once in a while, you may eat a snack or two that will help you get through the workout, but probably also contains fat and sugars, which won’t necessarily help you, in the long run, to feed your body sufficiently.
There is a simple way to feed your body when you are pressed for time, are not really hungry but feel you should feed your body something, or control your appetite without diet pills. One answer many people choose is the supplementation of specific plants that are optimal at feeding the body. Three plants that are especially good at feeding the body are alfalfa, kelp, and spirulina.

Alfalfa is used as animal feed throughout most of the world. In fact, the term alfalfa’s origin has been traced to the Persian word aspasti, meaning “to eat.” Some historians believe that the word was something similar to “alfalfacah”. …

Natural options that really work

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I used to get terrible headaches. They would get so bad I would be physically ill. Sometimes I would go to the hospital to get a shot (I have no idea now what they gave me). I would throw up, pass out for about 3 days, and then wake up and go on with life for about 3–6 months till it started all over again. Along with several other illnesses I had, I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Since that time, I have learned a lot about headaches and how to help others, to make them go away — hopefully for good. …

Ideas for getting your kids to eat healthier foods

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Getting kids to eat healthily can be challenging. It is hard to compete against their peers and what they are selling in the media and stores. I try to put myself in my son’s shoes. What would he like to eat? What would be fun and tasty? Kids like things they can easily pop in their mouth, hold in their hands, or dip something in. Small and large kids like foods that are easy to prepare, taste yummy, and are fun! With that in mind, here are some ideas for your family:

Finger Size food

Kids love to eat with their fingers, so having fun foods can make eating healthy much more fun. Another idea is to use small forks or toothpicks for larger kids. …

With natural options to increase energy

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Often I am asked, “what can I take for energy?” Before recommending products that might be useful, it is important to uncover what is going on in your life and body that could be causing this exhaustion.

First — what type of fuel are you feeding your body?

It is amazing to see that people often care more about the type of gas they put in their car than the type of food they put in their bodies. If you expect your body to run like a race car, you need feed it like a race car.


It doesn’t take rocket science, just some common sense, to know that our bodies run best on quality nutritious foods, organic vegetables, quality meats. The specific diet may vary between individuals, but there is enough research that these types of foods contain the most optimal food for our bodies. …

Natural tips to improve your digestion without drugs

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Do you have digestion problems? You are not alone. Millions of people have digestion problems — this is obvious from all the commercials on TV for many different drugs to help with stomach issues. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas on how you can achieve optimum digestion, drug-free.

First — your stomach is as big as your fist– it stretches — but it is naturally as big as your fist. Your stomach also tells you when it is full — it is amazing how we have “unlearned” this over the years. When your stomach is full — it pushes on your diaphragm wall and causes your body to “sigh.” …

With natural alternatives

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Sinus trouble is a drag! However, it is possible to rid yourself of sinus issues by using some of the following tools.

Sinus issues are mostly caused by a systemic fungus (Candida, yeast) condition in the body. Once the fungus has been cleared out, usually the sinus issues disappear.

Clearing fungus out of the body requires creating an environment that the fungus does not like and to stop feeding it. …


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